with the dog-teeth of summer


Acknowledging Country and Custodians

The Aboriginal Australian flag. The Torres Strait Islander flag. The Indigenous Unity flag.

I live on stolen land, in a stolen nation, whose sovereignty was never ceded. I wish to offer my respect to the Elders of our nations, those from the past, the present and those of the future. In particular, I pay my respect to the palawa / pakana Elders of the land I live on, lutruwita . I extend my respect to all Torres Strait Islanders and Aboriginal Australians , and our Indigenous comrades around the world . We continue to maintain our interconnected, sophisticated relationship to Country and we honour the stories, traditions, cultures, laws, and the Dreamings of our ancestors. I strive for decolonisation, for truth-telling, recognition, for a treaty, for our voices to be heard, for healing.

Visitors are advised that this website may contain depictions, voices or names of the dead.

Welcome to my website!

My website tries to be as accessible as possible, aiming to meet the highest WCAG standards (AAA level).

Let me know of any issues — see my contact info.

To do list & ideas:

  • This page, the projects page & sitemap page don’t allow reader mode, I dunno why?
  • Add ARIA roles / attributes
  • iframes need some work when printing pages
  • delete all unused social media / related sites and just use this site (e.g., i have a listography, but why have yet another account when i could use my own website?)
  • I have to learn JavaScript first, but eventually I want to have:
    • a colour & contrast mode switch (dark & light mode + high & normal & low contrast)
    • font switch (monospace or sans serif or serif or OpenDyslexic)
    • switch to view site without CSS styling (or only minimal)
  • old layout archives
  • finish my secret pages…! pages that are actively being worked on:
    • aego.html: an essay on aegosexuality
    • ausflag.html: alternative Australian flags
    • blinkies.html: silly blinkie page!
    • pets.html: a page on the critters that live in my house (that i willingly put there)
    • clinical-lycanthropy.html: an essay on clinical lycanthropy and gender (written for university, just need to turn into html)
    • did.html: an introduction to my particular brand of dissociative identity disorder
    • dogs.html: special interest page on dogs and other canines!
    • old-web.html: a page on the survivors of the old web
    • assistance-animals.html: an introduction to assistance animals
    • pcos.html: an essay on PCOS as an intersex variation
    • hysto.html & ts.html: pages about my surgical transition so far
    • religion.html: thoughts on my religion, and lack thereof, and presence thereof
    • why.html: thoughts on why i have this website
  • Currently this site doesn’t define fonts beyond serif, sans-serif & monospace (you will see your default or browser defined fonts), but eventually I want to include specific fonts (I’m waiting until I can write my own JavaScript to be able to put in a font switcher).


  • : Added a visual separator () between the home & sitemap links in the navbar, just cuz I think it’s neat. Code editing for accessibility. Added some minor stuff to the alterhuman page. the storymap page’s footnotes got a code overhaul. Buttons on the scrapbook page are now in a grid, but i’m still trying to work out how to get the external link symbol to sit next to the buttons…
  • : shuffled the syllabus and some resource pages around. more little code fixes. trying to make the index page use less lists and more interesting presentations — check out the pseudo buttons above! removed the buttons in the footers and replaced with just a link, i think that’s less overwhelming. Integrated the issues section into the to do list. Edited Mischa’s page for (hopefully) readablility. I might have to re-think the dark mode’s colour scheme…
  • : some minor style changes to this page, made the to-do list checkboxes though i’m not sure how great that is for accessibility, since it’s not actually a form. might change it back to a list later?
  • : changed the to-do back. not accessible enough. updated code after running the pages through W3C’s code validators (my beloved), and renamed syl.html to syllabus.html. moved projects.html to the /page folder. Also, the license has been changed to CC BY 4.0 (meaning, credit me but I no longer care if you use a different license or sell stuff based on my stuff). And… I uploaded the buttons on the scrapbook page so that should show now… yeah.
  • : made a changelog, where updates will be moved over time. changed favicon (from wolf.svg to dingo.png).
  • : tiny update: somehow i managed to completely forget to define a:visited? so that’s fixed now. also, i’m thinking of completely redoing the colourscheme for both light & dark mode. i want to do a high & low contrast version of each anyway…
  • : little update to the acknowledgement of Country section at the top of this page. work & life have me swamped!!
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